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Jamnation ’94 | Bamboo Club Toronto

Bamboo Club Toronto

Jamnation recorded a demo tape live off the floor at our rehearsal  space February ’94 on Carroll Street.. soon after booked a first gig at the Bamboo in March. Got booked again at the Bamboo in April, then a couple more gigs in June / July for the Toronto Jazz Festival. Corey hooked us up with Gene Hardy and Kevin Turcotte with the jazz fest gigs for a killer horn section.

Kevin was gigging at the 2013 Toronto Jazz Fest at the Shops at Don Mills. After a few minutes of memory refresh, he reminded me of coming to a rehearsal “at that space next to the DVP” with Gene before the Bamboo jazz fest gigs.

March’94 Twelfth Fret had a consigned 1963 Fender Strat on the floor, really worn in the right places, natural finish, rewired with Tex Mex pickups and re-fretted. It pretty much had my name written all over it. Really lucky find 😉 Nowadays Fender, Gibson, and Charvel offer “relic” guitars at a premium to simulate something worn in. They look pretty cool, but this is the real deal.

1963 Fender Stratocaster Natural

Jamnation collaborated on three seriously well crafted original tunes “Never Give Up”, “You And I”, and “Close To You”.

I’ve been holding a box of cassette tapes in storage for years and recently started transferring to digital format.

Live performance of a JAMNATION ’94 original – You And I, Bamboo Club April 1994:


Check out  Jamnation ’94 Originals


Live performance of a JAMNATION ’94, Snowboy (cover) – Lucky Fellow, Bamboo Club April 1994:


Guitar Stats:

1963 Fender Strat

Mesa-Boogie Mark IV Combo

Dunlop Original Cry-Baby Wah


JAMNATION ‘ 94 Members:

Sandy Mamane – Bass
Rino Manfredi – Keyboards
Ted Peacock – Drums
Corey Manders – Saxophone
Rob “Suba” – Percussion
John Biancale – Lead Vocal
Nancy Girardi – Backing Vocal
Nikku Nayar – Backing Vocal
Mark Dobis – Guitar

Live Sound Mix – Mark Prinsloo


More cool sounds at :

soundcloud markJam