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“Soul Kitchen” – Listen Here


Lounge 10 has an evil twin alter-ego .. RAZOR BURN .. ouch!!

Formulated in the dark part of the minds of Radoslaw and Stanislaw Schmencki a.k.a. Chris Hilkene and Mark Dobis.. the sophisticated and chill vibes of Lounge 10 are tossed away in favour of a subliminal subversive flava flav of  the most delicious cheese.

Radoslaw foils any sensibility of decency with his accident scene approach to guitar playing reminiscent only of a reddish liquid goo yet you  remain compelled to listen!

Thankfully Stanislaw pithily transforms these raw intentions into a mind stunning musical sound scape drawing even the most horrified in.

“Soul Kitchen” – Listen Here

*WARNING* once heard cannot be un-heard!!!


I am flava flav