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52 Division | El Mocambo

Much Music Special Presentation | El Mocambo Toronto

52 Division is an Alt-Funk band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1987, 52 was a staple on the Toronto club scene through 1993.

52 Division | Euclid Avenue, Toronto

Current Line-Up:

Christopher Hilkene – Vocals
Dylan Macleod – Drums
Mark Dobis – Guitar
Nikku Nayar – Bass
Roland Michener – Keyboards

Past Members have included:

Anthony Seaberg – Percussion
Corey Manders – Saxophone
Gene Hardy – Saxophone
Greg (The Drum Doctor) Hohn – Percussion
Jim Sakic – Bass
Lucie Nadejova – Vocals
Nancy Girardi – Vocals
Shelley Hines – Vocals
Steve Chall – Bass
Steve Koven – Keyboards
Ted Wolosyhn Jr – Trumpet

52 Division | Bamboo Club Toronto

Guest appearances have been made by members of: The Barenaked Ladies, The Pukka Orchestra, Big Sugar, The Satelites, Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, 21st Century Rebels and many others.

Much Music Video – Camera, Edit & Production:

Mark Keys  with 52 Division 1987 at the El Mocambo

Mark Dobis Guitar Stats:

1980’s Schecter Alder Strat body w/ Twelfth Fret custom maple neck w/ Dimarzio X2N

Twelfth Fret on the wall $150 bargain special Telecaster with stuff (since transformed into my #1 axe)

Mesa-Boogie Mark II Combo w/ Electro-Voice EVM12L Classic World’s greatest guitar loudspeaker.

Dunlop Original Cry-Baby Wah


More cool sounds at :

soundcloud markJam


52 Division | Grosvenor Street, Toronto


52 Division Alt-Funk Band - Mark Dobis Guitar