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The NOVA Archives

Following up on the 2005 CANFAR winning Lex Pistols, NOVA formed 2005-2006 as a side project around original tunes written by bassist-vocals Sylvio Escobar aka Seth (miester) , which became collaboratively refined by Mark Dobis guitar, Cyndi Elliot backing / lead vocals, Richard Searles drums.

Lees Palace Toronto Bloor Street with NOVA Band

NOVA penned some pretty cool in-your-face rock tunes with alt-punk attitude. Live performances fuelled by frontman Seth’s natural lost to the moment charisma. Oh yeah, that and really loud electric guitar 🙂

Here are a few studio recordings of NOVA originals from the archives recorded at  the insane late night Studio 69 basement underground sessions at Markham Ontario.

 NOVA – Dream

NOVA – Practical Freakshow

NOVA – The Un-Named Demo

NOVA gigged around Toronto at the Horseshoe, Reverb, and Lee’s Palace.  Pics here from the Reverb, Queen St W. Toronto ..

Photography courtesy of Tomitheos

NOVA – Lee’s Palace Toronto


Guitar Stats:

Franken-Tele of sorts which has morphed over years into a really comfortable baseball glove.  Basically a project telecaster from the 12th Fret Toronto , somebody else’s project guitar I bought which I later removed wood from underneath a custom (my design) pick guard. Most recently adding an amazing Carvin maple neck, otherwise an early eighties Seymour Duncan JB at the bridge, a hot Evan’s single at the neck,  and an original Floyd Rose.  This guitar is super versatile, has a deep dirty articulate voice, and sounds great plugged into anything.

Mesa Boogie Stiletto Trident thru two 2 x 12 Recto cabs is the absolute best sounding guitar amp & speaker combo I’ve ever had the pleasure of. Basic specs: 50/150 watts, EL34s, simple 2-channel layout, loud and articulate ear candy.

Effects, I pretty much plug in and play with minimal effects. I will usually plug an EHX Holier Grail reverb into the effects loop of the Stiletto, or an EHX Memory Man Hazarai. On the floor for stomping a Dunlop Original Cry-Baby and original MXR Phase 90 from the 70’s.