Use Me Up | Bill Withers

JAMNATION ’94 (Demo)

Check this live off the floor cover of Bill WithersUse Me Up, recorded as part of a demo tape about February 1994 for an acid jazz project “JAMNATION” co-formed with bassist Sandy Mamane.

Mid 90’s UK acid jazz scene was in full force. JAMNATION covers were influenced by sounds like Jamiroquai, Brand New Heavies, D’Influence and others with some retro throwbacks such as Bill Withers, Use Me Up (1972)

Amazingly this JAMNATION demo was recorded live!! to 4 track TEAC or TASCAM recorder with two room mics and two vocal mics at our rehearsal space on Carroll Street in Toronto, February 1994.

JAMNATION ’94 (Demo) – Use Me Up – Bill Withers (1972)


Guitar Stats: 

1963 Fender Strat

Mesa-Boogie Mark IV Combo

Dunlop Original Cry-Baby Wah

1963 Fender Stratocaster Natural

JAMNATION ‘ 94 Members:

Sandy Mamane – Bass
Rino Manfredi – Keyboards
Ted Peacock – Drums
Corey Manders – Saxophone
Rob “Suba” – Percussion
John Biancale – Lead Vocal
Nancy Girardi – Backing Vocal
Nikku Nayar – Backing Vocal
Mark Dobis – Guitar


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